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​It all started with some sayings of mine shared with friends on Facebook.. I have always had a lot of reflections on life, but I was mostly vocal about them.. I started writing and publishing  few months ago (now 2013) and it’s been amazing… I write mainly about positivism, optimism, feelings, I raise awareness against skepticism, negativity and generalizations.

Early 2013, I decided to write in Arabic… I honestly hadn’t expected such an amazing feedback on the social networks, especially that I hadn’t composed anything in Arabic for the past 12 years. About 4 months ago I decided to improve my Arabic writing skills through reading and practice, and I managed to convey some of reflections and feelings in Arabic, abd cobsequently some went viral

. Yesterday January 6th, 2013 a big group of literature online has published my quotes on twitter, and in no time, hundreds of people have retweeted and quoted me.. I was very proud but also delighted that a lot of people were exposed to my call for optimism, trusting others, and persisting despite life’s hardship.

Below is one of the Arabic sayings published yesterday, for those of you able to read Arabic . 

Will be posting more soon!

Thanks for reading


UPDATE 2015: My quote above has gone so viral and shared by tens of thousands, and have sadly removed my name from the quote, assigning it to themselves. And it doesn’t bother me, so long as it inspires people.



UPDATE Dec. 2016

I am back, and intending to be consistent this time… I have come to realize that Writing is therapy. The past week or so, I jot down my feelings almost daily and after every piece (unpublished) I have felt instant relief and comfort.

I have gone through a very rough patch, and to be honest I still do. Being  disappointed by people you trusted, hurts. Coming from the least expected people, and if you are a kind pacifist, it digs in even more. But it makes you refect, and what you did, on what you do and somehow rearrange all aspects of your life. And how you probably should tame those traits you thought were qualities, such as trusting and forgiving a lot. 

 All that aside, I am back to share my thoughts and reflections with you, consistently this time, for I have been told by more people than I can count that I put into words what so many people feel but can’t express.  And that is both a honor and responsibility. I intend on sharing most of what goes on my mind, my woes and my emotions, strong or weak.  Embracing the complex matter that is the human mind with its ego, pride, weaknesses,  strengths, sorrows or joys; and all that I deem worthy of your time, and that could bring you some positivity, insight, lessons from experiences so you won’t have to go through, or simply a pleasant reading time.

Assya Moussaid. 


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