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It all started with some sayings of mine shared with friends on Facebook.. I have always had a lot of reflections on life, but I was mostly vocal about them.. I started writing a few months ago and it’s been amazing… I write mainly about positivism, optimism, feelings, I raise awareness against skepticism, negativity and generalizations.

Recently, I decided to write in Arabic… I honestly hadn’t expected such an amazing feedback on the social networks, especially that I hadn’t composed anything in Arabic for the past 12 years. Abut 4 months ago I decided to improve my Arabic writing skills through reading and practice, and I managed to put in Arabic writing reflections and feelings, including thoughts that I usually composed in English. Yesterday January 6th, 2013 a big group of literature online has published my quotes on twitter, and in no time, hundreds of people have retweeted and quoted me.. I was very proud but also delighted that a lot of people were exposed to my call for optimism, trusting others, and persisting despite life’s hardship.

Below is one of the Arabic sayings published yesterday, for those of you able to read Arabic .

Will be posting more soon!
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