first post…

well well… how do I make my blog interesting..? at least to myself? I guess for now I’ll be writing my diary (or at least the part I am willing to share ^_^ ) yes, that was an asian smile -konni shiwa ! haha…

Too many blogs, sites, forums around… I am not trying or even hoping to get traffic to this spot of mine but it’s at least interesting to me.. at this point in time..

I guess I’ll be sharing some of my passions in here too, for my buddies to check out, as most of you know (my friends) I am a south park fanatic, some of you think I rock the house, some think I love south park too much I need to  do something about it. You might be right, but unless cartoons are identified to be hamrful physically or emotionally, then I’m nothing close to giving up on the fattest sweetest bigboned jerk of all time, I mean of course, Eric Cartman.


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