Interesting websites

This is a list of a few websites I like that might interest youI hope you like them! leave comments and let me know if you did:)dscf0762.JPG

ps: don’t just click on the site, please write click on the link and choose “open in new window” that way you won’t lose my site..

I know it’s too much to ask for you lazy …(you know who you are) but the sites are worth it ^_^

www. this guy is hilarious, he replies to real emails , and makes fun of ridiculous content or grammar mistakes. a must-see…

www. all information about south park episodes, latest news . will fill you in with almost everything about south park and of course my eric cartman..

www. now this is an arabic flash animations covering social problems (unemployment, cheating, homosexuality, teens and smoking…) it’s funny and gets the message through. only in arabic though..

www.  best music site, ur personal DJ, just pick an artist and it’ll tune you in a station that plays him and similar artists.

more coming soon!  ^_^


2 thoughts on “Interesting websites

  1. ya thats interesting….

    if u learn little bit of HTML, which u r already doing (ya i read the about page)… u wont have to ask ppl to right click on the link in order to avoid loosing ur site…

    see my blog… u can click on any link and that will open in new window…

    cheers 🙂

  2. HOMESTARRUNNER IS HILARIOUS!!! I’m forwarding this to my friends. Thanks for sharing. You seem pretty funny. Keep bloggin! It’s a god look and just made me hungry too, “CHEERS”

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