We all need motivation to start something new or to simply keep doing something we are .. I am writing this for my friends who lack motivation for things they really wanna hit off, and I know they’re able to make it…

My ideas here are not in the right proper order, but I’ll try to say what I can, then review and fix the post later. You need some determination, pinponting objectives and working on reaching them.

1. We all have things we dislike about our lives, bodies, or even if you’re lucky: your personality (that if you really have the courage to admit to negative things about your personality) , but should one really stop at the negatives and do nothing but be sad and curse the bad luck? No… It’s best to face facts and try to do something about it t o move forward. I got sucked in by many misfortunes and unfairness in my life, but I kept trying to pull myself out of it. I admit that at some point I didn’t try hard enough to move on and better the situations but I did after all, and that’s all what matters for now.

For you my friends, and you know who you are, I always said you could call me or come over anytime, and I am very proud many of you would call me for advice and support. That you consider my words to be valuable is extremely meaningful for me. Well not to brag but I thought I had to let you know how happy it makes me that you guysthink I am trustworthy.

ms Sarine, you’re the one on my mind right now, I know you’re checking my blog and can’t wait to see what I’ll do out of it.. I’ll cram it with advice and tips that I am sure you’ll find interesting. and Yes, I am still waiting for you to have free time so we can hang out again, go to movies and exercise together.

ms Nada, you rock girl, you get nervous and all irritated sometimes because of obviously-irritating people (just like I do) you don’t hold your feelings back, you show your anger and disappointment, and that’s a lot like me. You should know you’re very appreciated, your determination, down-to-earth behaviour, and intelligence are just beyond rational thoughts! Love ya!


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