Re-inventing or organizing thoughts & ideas

After many months of indecisiveness or mere procrastination, I decided to listen to both my inner voice and friends’ to seriously put my ideas into a blog. I have had this blog since July 2006 but only have 11 posts in total. I don’t want to get philosophical already, but I do have a feeling that I know why I hadn’t been active enough.

What matters is to look forward now and finally put my artwork, sayings , philosophy on life and positive outlook  into words and posts that others can read, use and if I’m lucky; they’d participate, discuss and return to give feedback.

Attached is a photo I took a couple weeks ago, I dedicate it to my parents that I haven’t seen in a very long time.It reads in Arabic :”I look at the far horizon, I see your shadows; my parents, my most precious.”

I shall go for a run now. I will be posting soon. Wishing anyone reading these words a happy & fruitful day.



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