Stunning Moroccan rug by a needy but dignified mountain berber family

sigh.. last week I visited a lovely family of a mother and her two daughters. They make rugs and sell them whenever they need to make little money to provide for themselves. . I had tea and food with them.. even though they had so little, they welcomed me with Moroccan tea, honey, bread, rice and milk and more..
I’m not a rug hunter or reseller who thinks about own profit. It breaks my heart to see anyone need anything. And so instead of buying the piece and selling them, I’m posting them directly to you. All proceeds go directly to these families. If you want this intricate piece held below by its maker, Fatma, it’ll be yours for a reasonable price, fair to both you and this family.

Ps: there’s a boucherouite (rags carpet) rug in their living room and only rugs all around.. they want to sell some rugs to be able to buy proper seatings for their sleeping and living area. I purchased some of their rugs for my own home, no negotiation, humbly compensated generously, because as my father always said “May God give us from his fortunes just so we can give others” … but I want to help them even more and more, along with other mountain families and artisan ladies and their beautiful children, whom I’m making my top priority to provide them with dignifying constant comfortable work.
Back to Fatma and her sister and mother, take a look at the intricate work of hers! 😦 I however had a dumb spontaneous moment when I saw their blue green vintage walls and loved the colors so artistic, when in fact they can’t wait to give them a fresh paint job! They’ll be making new rugs which I’ll be offering to help them consistently. Thank you for reading !!❤💚
If you have any questions, or want to know more about this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments section, or my website.

TO PURCHASE this beauty please visit my website Link:
Gorgeous Moroccan vintage rug with sequins by intricate artist 175 x 94 cm
Express shipping to door, worldwide, included!


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