About me أسية مساعد

I have come to realize that Writing is therapy. The past week or so, I jot down my feelings almost daily and after every piece (unpublished) I have felt instant relief and comfort. I am back to share my thoughts and reflections with you, consistently this time, for I have been told by more people than I can count that I put into words what so many people feel but can’t express.  And that is both a honor and responsibility. I intend on sharing most of what goes on my mind, my woes and my emotions, strong or weak.  Embracing the complex matter that is the human mind with its ego, pride, weaknesses,  strengths, sorrows or joys; and all that I deem worthy of your time, and that could bring you some positivity, insight, lessons from experiences so you won’t have to go through, or simply a pleasant reading time.
Assya Moussaid


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